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Truck Service Centre


Hyundai Commercial Vehicles dealers in Australia are professionally trained to offer our customers the best care they need.  Our dedicated and capable parts team has established high standards for our service to assist your business at our maximum capacity.

We’re committed to provide the best driving experience for our valued customers with our 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Australia’s best-in-class 3-year 200,000km warranty.

For more information on our warranty programs, please click here to contact our friendly staff

Get in touch with our dealer closest to your location for more details on how we can assist your truck needs.

Why Service
with us ?

1) We have years of experiance 

2) We are competive on price

3) We know Time is money & you need your truck on the road

4) Quality workmanship - We do it right the first time

5) We are local. Why drive to Newcastle to have your truck serviced ?

 Need Tyres ?



As you know tyres are very costly, but important part of running a Truck. At the Hunter Truck & Bus Centre we have competivley priced tyres.

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